Festive Celebrations at Caravelle

Mark your calendar with Christmas Tea at Lobby Lounge, Christmas Feast at Nineteen and ring in 2014 with New Year Banquet, Gourmet Celebrations at Reflections and Tropicana Parties at Saigon Saigon.

Christmas Teas
7 to 23 December 2013
Lobby Lounge, 12 noon – 5:00pm: VND 380,000++
Including a complimentary flute of Veuve Clicquot

Christmas Goodies
7 to 23 December 2013 at Lobby Lounge

Christmas Eve Celebration
Tuesday, 24 December 2013
Early Dinner Buffet at Nineteen: 5:00pm – 7:30pm: VND 1,280,000++
Gala Dinner Buffet at Nineteen: 8:00pm – 11:00pm: VND 1,880,000++
Tropicana Party at Saigon Saigon Bar:
Cover charge of VND 250,000 nett including one standard drink
Set-menu Dinner at Reflections: 6:00pm – 11:00pm: VND 1,680,000++

Christmas Day Celebration
Wednesday, 25 December 2013
Lunch Buffet at Nineteen: 11:30am – 3:00pm: VND 1,280,000++
Dinner Buffet at Nineteen: 5:00pm – 10:00pm: VND 1,280,000++

New Year’s Eve Celebration
Tuesday, 31 December 2013
Early Dinner at Nineteen: 5:00pm – 7:30pm: VND 1,280,000++
Gala Dinner at Nineteen: 8:00pm – 11:00pm: VND 2,280,000++
Set-menu Dinner at Reflections: 6:00pm – 11:00pm: VND 1,880,000++

New Year Count-Down Party
Tuesday, 31 December 2013
Saigon Saigon Bar: 7:00pm until late
Cover charge VND 1,400,000 nett including one standard drink

New Year’s Day Celebration
Wednesday, 1 January 2014
Lunch Buffet at Nineteen: 11:30am – 3:00pm: VND 1,280,000++
Dinner Buffet at Nineteen: 5:00pm – 10:00pm: VND 1,280,000++
Including free flow of fine wines, premium cocktails and a complimentary flute of Veuve Clicquot.

All prices are subject to 5% Service Charge and 10% VAT
For more information please contact (848) 3823 4999 or email: eam-fb@caravellehotel.com. To reserve online, please visit http://www.caravellehotel.com/fb-reservation.aspx


Khuyến mãi đặc biệt cho mùa lễ hội 2013 tại Kara Salon & Spa

Khi đến với Kara Salon & Spa trong mùa lễ hội năm nay, Quý khách sẽ có cơ hội hưởng nhiều ưu đãi đặc biệt đối với các dịch vụ sau:

• Được giảm 50% giá cho dịch vụ tẩy tế bào chết toàn thân (Body Scrub) khi sử dụng dịch vụ thanh tẩy toàn thân (Body Wrap)
• Nhận ngay 60 phút miễn phí cho dịch vụ massage toàn thân khi đặt một trong những gói dịch vụ sau:
– Tẩy tế bào chết và thanh tẩy toàn thân
– Massage, bấm huyệt chân thư giãn (Foot reflexology) và chăm sóc da mặt (Facial care)
• Nhận ngay 2 dịch vụ tẩy tế bào chết hoặc thanh tẩy toàn thân miễn phí khi đặt gói dịch vụ đặc biệt Kara Serenity cho 2 người.

Chương trình này được áp dụng từ ngày 1/12/2013 đến hết ngày 7/02/2014 và không được dùng kèm với các khuyến mãi khác.

Quý khách có nhu cầu, xin vui lòng liên hệ qua điện thoại (84-8) 3823 4999 hoặc email: kara.spa@caravellehotel.com

Rộn ràng tiệc Giáng Sinh tại Caravelle

Rộn ràng tiệc Giáng Sinh tại Caravelle

Quý khách sẽ khó lòng tìm thấy ở nơi khác những buổi dạ tiệc Giáng Sinh tưng bừng và hoành tráng như những gì Khách sạn Caravelle mang đến cho Quý khách trong mùa lễ hội cuối năm 2013. Với giá từ 970.000đ++ cho một khách, gói khuyến mãi này sẽ bao gồm:

• Tiệc Buffet hoặc theo Thực đơn (tùy lựa chọn của Quý khách)
• Nước ngọt và bia phục vụ không giới hạn trong 2 giờ
• Các loại thức uống không cồn được phục vụ miễn phí trước bữa tiệc
• Phòng tiệc được trang trí lộng lẫy với sắc màu ấn tượng, các cây thông Noel rực rỡ ánh đèn và những chiếc kèn tua rua xinh xắn, vui tai.
• Ông già Noel sẽ xuất hiện bất ngờ với nhiều món quà dễ thương tặng các em nhỏ

* Áp dụng cho tối thiểu 50 khách
* Thời hạn đến 31 tháng 12 năm 2013
* Giá trên chưa bao gồm 5% phí phục vụ và 10% VAT
* Quý khách đặt tiệc, vui lòng liên hệ: (84-8) 3823 4999 hoặc email: dos@caravellehotel.com

Festive Celebrations at The Caravelle, Saigon

Dear Friends,

It’s that time of year again, when we decorate our favourite trees, sing carols in the corridors, and put our diet plans on hold for a few days of feasting and fun.

The Caravelle will flip the switch on this season with a tree-lighting party on December 6, and things will only get better from there, with delicious daily Christmas Teas, live jazz performances, sumptuous holiday buffets, visits from Santa and of course, our rollicking New Year’s Eve countdown party at Saigon Saigon Bar.

This year, as with every year, we’re working with a local charity to raise funds for disadvantaged Vietnamese children. The Christina Noble Foundation has done amazing work in helping to provide education and healthcare and fostering community development in Vietnam. A children’s choir from the foundation will be performing in our lobby in the days leading up to Christmas, and a few of their products will be sold in our boutique to support projects in some of the country’s most needy areas.

As 2013 draws to a close, I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of our journey this year. From myself and the entire Caravelle Team, we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, and a bright New Year 2014!

Warm regards,

Caravelle Hotel Achieved Fantastic Result In Earthcheck Annual Benchmarking

This annual assessment of the Caravelle Hotel was undertaken against EarthCheck benchmarking indicators and checklists developed for EarthCheck including Policy, Energy, Water, Waste, Community, Paper, Cleaning & Pesticide. They have been carefully selected to track performance in key areas of environmental and social performance impact.

According to the latest benchmarking report, In addition to having a Sustainability Policy in place, eleven of the assessed EarthCheck indicators are at or above the Baseline level. From the benchmarking data provided, six indicators, Water Savings Rating, Waste Sent to Landfill, Waste Recycling Rating, Paper Products Rating, Cleaning Products Rating, and Pesticide Products Rating, are at or above the Best Practice level, which is an achievement to be highly commended.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions for the year 2012 was 27.5 kg CO2-e/Guest Night, which was 5.5% better than the Baseline level, while Potable Water Consumption was 491.2L/Guest Night, which was 28.4% better than the Baseline level and 3.6% better than that of previous year.

EarthCheck is the top benchmarking program used by the travel and tourism industry. Properties applying for certification from the program must pass exacting science-based standards taken by third-party auditors to measure sustainability.

Halloween Dreams at Saigon Saigon Bar

Thursday, 31 October 2013

A chill will sweep over The Caravelle’s rooftop bar on the evening of October 31, as Saigon’s ghouls and gals come out to play in a Halloween Nightmare Party like no other.

Frightening finger food, shiver-inducing shots, and darkly seductive decorations will set the mood for a thrilling cocktail party high above the city.

A choice of potent Witches Brews – such as Scream, Satan’s Whiskers and Black Widow – will be concocted by bartenders at the Saigon Saigon Bar until late in the night.

Partygoers in costume have the chance to win the title of ‘Spookiest Star of the Night’ and a special prize of a lunch voucher for two to Sunday Brunch at The Caravelle’s elegant buffet restaurant, Nineteen.

Saigon Saigon Bar – Rooftop via 9th Floor

Price is subject to 5% Service Charge and 10% VAT
For more information, please contact (848) 3823 4999 or email: eam-fb@caravellehotel.com